Book Descriptions

This book about mindfulness teaches you to keep the worries at bay, mindfulness is the concept of training your mind to prevent thoughts of worry and stress about the future, past and present.
This book provides you with 10 main strategies on how to cope effectively with worry and various other emotions, while this is not a replacement for a therapist, it has been proven to help throughout the process of leading you towards a more healthy life.
This book is for beginners and advanced meditators alike, it reminds you how to be aware but not hyperaware of what is going on around you and provides you with helpful knowledge on how to execute this peaceful awareness.
For someone who might have been through or experienced any type of trauma that may cause dissociation, this book guides you through the process of how to cope when in difference scenarios.
An incredible book for COVID related issues in your daily life, the book gives tips on how to push away the sluggishness that isolation might bring you. Resulting in a more productive day!